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Greetings Polaris Slingshot Enthusiasts! Thank you for your confidence in Purpose Driven Design from Paramount Plastics Inc. We are dedicated to creating excellent products. Once installed, the Stealth Fender will protect and visually complement the aggressive styling of your Polaris Slingshot.
Stealth Fender 2.0

Stealth Fender 2.0

The Stealth 2.0 Fender was created to enable owners to have a rear fender that covers the BIG TIRES (up to 305 series) while pushing the Slingshot’s radical styling even further. The 2.0 offers the same great materials, excellent workmanship, automotive grade hardware, and feature advantages as the original Stealth Fender.
The 2.0 installs in a fraction of the time needed with other fenders and its satin, UV protected finish dramatically completes the rear view of your Slingshot. All Stealth Fenders eliminate rear impact from damaging road debris and minimize accumulating dust and rain spray. (Installation 25 minutes)
Stealth Fender 1.5

Stealth Fender 1.5

The original Stealth Fender has been refined for 2017, offering significantly faster installation, without any vehicle drilling or panel removal. Like the original Stealth Fender, the 1.5 follows the styling influences popular in sport bike (crotch rocket) designs. It also complements and completes the Slingshot’s rear styling. The 1.5 protects your investment, eliminating stone scuffing caused by spin-off road debris, redirecting road dust and water spray stirred up by the rear tire. Unlike hugger-style fenders, the Stealth enables tire changes without fender removal. The 1.5 also enables the addition of a trailer hitch because ALL Stealth Fenders attach to the body, not the swing arm.
Our Fenders utilize the original equipment illuminated license plate/light bracket, relocating it neatly under the fender. The “plug-and-play” wire harness perfectly engages Polaris terminals. (No wire splice needed.) The Stealth 1.5 Fender is manufactured from a high impact recyclable thermoplastic and is protected with a satin black UV inhibiting laminate, making it ready to install out of the box. It won’t dent or rust. If desired, the Stealth 1.5 Fender is also easy to paint. (Installation 30 minutes)
Stealth LED's

Stealth LEDs

The Stealth LED is made expressly for Stealth Fenders, plugging into the Fender’s wire harness without resizing or wire stripping. It features bright silicone-encased light elements that are durable and long-lasting. The high-quality Stealth LED belongs on your Stealth Fender. This USA made product is designed to be consistent with the best OEM accessories that are available from Polaris.
The LED attaches with a self-adhering polycarbonate “C” channel, allowing the flexible light element to easily “peel” into place. (Installation 15 minutes)
Stealth Air-Foil

Stealth Air-Foil

The Stealth Air-Foil provides an attractive accent over the Slingshot’s DOT reflectors and is recommended with all Stealth Fender installations. It is molded from the same high quality, weatherable thermoplastic as the Fenders and helps integrate both OEM and accessory components, creating a consistent appearance that tucks the reflector assembly under the tip of the rear deck.
The Air-Foil creates a fashion-appropriate (safety) accent on all Stealth Fenders including 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0. (Installation 10 minutes)
Stealth Splash Guard

Stealth Splash Guard

The Stealth Splash Guard improves the anti-spray functions of Stealth 1.0 and 1.5 Fenders, dramatically reducing rooster-tailing that often ends up on the rear deck and inside the cockpit.
The Stealth Splash Guard is made of the highest quality virgin ABS with a black matt laminate UV inhibiting finish that matches the lower body cladding on stock Polaris Slingshots. (Installation 10 minutes)
Stealth Audio Shade 2.0

Stealth Audio Shade 2.0 (Mega-Shade)

The original Audio Shade looks great and helps viewing the monitor under conditions of direct overhead sunlight. However, some of our customers wanted more. In response, we’ve developed a version 2.0 Audio Shade. The 2.0 (Mega-Shade) answers this consumer need, affording best available monitor viewing under all lighting conditions. The 2.0 complements styling influences inside your Slingshot while increasing top and side visor coverage by nearly 35%. The Audio Shade 2.0 is manufactured from impact resistant ABS and finished in an elegant black UV protective laminate finish that elegantly completes the center stack of the Slingshot’s unique interior, affording a light-blocking brow that is functionally comparable to the brow above the instrument cluster. (Installation 30 seconds)
Stealth Audio Shade 1.0

Stealth Audio Shade 1.0

Drivers of the Polaris Slingshot experience monitor glare when trying to view the audio/backup camera monitor. This occurs during virtually all lighting conditions, rendering the monitor useless during daylight driving.
The original Stealth Audio Shade helps such visibility problems while beautifully finishing off the interior of your Slingshot. Installation requires no mechanical fasteners and the Audio Shade matches stock interior surfaces with a durable satin black UV laminated finish… Or, you may choose to paint your Audio Shade, matching or accenting the Slingshot’s body colors. BTW - The Audio Shade also provides water diversion away from the center-stack cubby on base models. (Installation 30 seconds)
Stealth License Bracket

Stealth License Bracket

Our Tucked License Bracket can be installed using the factory mounting screw locations. It attaches easily without drilling. The Stealth Bracket and Air-Foil System positions your license plate under the Slingshot’s rear deck rather than allowing it to extend behind the vehicle like the standard bracket. Side visibility and vehicle safety are improved because the Air-Foil is incorporated into the Stealth “Tucked” license plate system, thereby retaining the original equipment DOT reflectors in the design. This unique feature makes the Stealth Tucked Plate System the safest available. All molded components are of the same high quality weatherable polymers used in the Stealth Fender. (Installation 10 minutes)
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Slingmods Carries Stealth Lines - February 2018

Paramount Plastics Inc. enthusiastically welcomes Slingmods, our new West Coast Distribution Center for innovative Polaris Slingshot accessories. Paramount Plastics Inc.& Purpose Driven Design are pleased to have met their rigorous qualifications for becoming a member of Slingmods' premium product line-up.

Since 2014, Slingmods has been recognized and universally acknowledged as the industry standard in custom products available throughout the Slingshot aftermarket. In areas of product availability, competitive pricing, speed of delivery, staff efficiency, service, and total customer satisfaction, Slingmods is the benchmark of the custom Slingshot community. Now they carry our complete accessory line

We are excited that our unique Stealth Brand accessories now strategically blanket the nation, represented by Slingmods in the West and Slingshot Only in the East. Please visit their extensive networks of excellent product availability, both aimed at enhancing the performance, convenience and distinctive personalities of every unique Slingshot. Paramount Plastics Inc. & Purpose Driven Design will continue developing, perfecting and manufacturing innovative new accessories for Polaris Slingshot enthusiasts. Check both locations below for product availability, consumer discounts, detailed product information, and announcements for the introductions of exciting new product

Order Stealth Accessories from:

slingmods.com,  2205 First St. Ste 103, Simi Valley, CA 93065   (800) 211-1396

slingshotonly.com,  1468 Northgate Blvd. Sarasota FL 34234   (941) 203-5792

As before, Paramount Plastics Inc. & Purpose Driven Design are dedicated to providing each Polaris Slingshot enthusiast with the best possible accessories at the most affordable prices. Our alliances with Slingmods and Slingshot Only have enabled our focus on designing exciting new products, expanding our tradition of making available top quality accessories that visually complement, add value and protect your dynamic vehicle at affordable prices. Use the search words "Stealth" or "Paramount Plastics Inc." to find all of our exciting products.

Looking forward,
Paul Down, FIDSA
Coordinator of Stealth Product Design/Development

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