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Design And Engineering

Paramount Plastics Inc. has the in-house capability to produce concept/design renderings and even full scale mock-ups to help our customers through the 'do's and don'ts' of thermoforming so their projects are successful. We have full CAD/CAM and file exchange capabilities through the Internet using a variety of formats. Paramount Plastics will review the data and advise our customers of any potential thermoforming problems before producing the prototype pattern.

design and engineering
Three dimensional tolerances can be checked
quickly using our portable Faro arm tool.
design      design and engineering
wire frame surfaced CAD surfaced CAD final product
design and engineering  design
paramount plastics Paramount Plastics offers a value rich service in their project development abilities. I can deliver to them either a physical mock-up to be reversed engineered into a digital model or a digital model of a part, and they can take that information and develop it into production parts. Their experience in working through the process of developing interiors for specialty vehicles has made them well versed in the pitfalls that can be encountered in a project as well as making their development timeline relatively quick. Along with their development process, their knowledge of forming and willingness to push the envelope of the thermoforming process, has allowed us to create interior systems that have a near injection molded look at a fraction of the price. paramount plastics
-Jeff Margush - Industrial Designer, Tiffin Luxury Motorhomes
design and engineering
Design Concepts
design and engineering design and engineering design and engineering
design and engineering design
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